This hole is bounded on the left by the Galloway Forest and provides the golfer with spectacular views of the local countryside, from Cairnsmore down Wigtown Bay to the Solway Firth and the Isle of Man. The fairway slopes from left to right with the ideal drive up the middle right of the fairway. Too far right and you will have trees to contend with between the 7th and 11th fairways. The green is accommodating and cut into the hillside. Miss it at your peril, as there is a small valley to the right of the green leaving a delicate return chip up onto the green.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   4 13 299
   Red   4 13 337
   White   4 13 348
   White Composite 9   4 5 349
   Yellow   4 13 341
   Yellow Composite 9   4 5 338
   Red   4 5 337
   Red Composite   4 11 238
   White   4 5 348
   Yellow   4 5 341

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