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Captains Update - October 2020

Covid 19 has obviously had a big impact on the running of the club and indeed on society as a whole. It has impacted on the way we use the clubhouse and on the way we conduct ourselves on the course, with social distancing. The limited use of the clubhouse space has restricted our opportunity to fund raise, i.e. Race Nights, Quiz Nights, even Bingo Nights were discussed as a means of income.

Please be aware that the raffle tickets for the annual draw that was due to take place at the Punchbowl Open, and was extended to the prizegiving, still has not resulted in many more book stubs and monies being returned (a disappointing 16% of tickets stubs have been returned).

The prizegiving has been postponed until the new Year and hopefully it will go ahead then and we do not need to completely cancel it. Decision to be made later on when we get into 2021.

The winter league has now started and hopefully we will get us a decent winter (weather wise) and we can enjoy several nice Sunday games of golf. Tee off booking is still being done on masterscoreboard. The winter league is being played over the bottom nine holes as in previous years as there is a comprehensive list of jobs to be carried out on the top part of the course over the winter and so only the bottom nine holes will be used. There might still be a few of the top nine open if anyone wants to venture up there (non-competition) but the 9th will almost certainly be closed for most of the time.

There is new signage being put up on the 15th tee/fairway to remind golfers of the cottage in close proximity to the right of the 15th green and to be aware of this when playing their approach shot to the green. This has resulted from complaint that several "stray" golf balls have landed in the garden of the cottage. As an additional precaution the fence to the right of the green is being extended, so you might see this work being carried out in the near future and extra care should be taken while this work is being carried out.

You might have seen on Facebook page that we are encouraging people to take up winter membership £79 through until march. Can you all to try and encourage friends and family to join and hopefully whet their appetite for the game and to take up a full membership next year?

I am trying to drum up interest in supplying polo shirts with the club badge embroidered on the chest. He is in the process of getting samples made up and would like to know if many people would be interested in purchasing these. Hopefully a sample will be available soon and can be seen in the clubhouse. The intention is to charge the cost plus a few pounds with the extra going to the club.

Thanks for your continued support.

Peter Hughes

Club Captain

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